Ito: commends board for vigilance on NCUSIF equity, intrigued about legislation

(Feb. 19, 2021) NASCUS President and CEO Lucy Ito commended all three board members for their vigilance in monitoring the insurance fund equity ratio, “especially in light of the root cause for the downward pressure on the ratio: a dramatic and likely continuing increase in insured shares related to economic stimulus payments, and not unsafe or unsound operating practices by credit unions.”

She also agreed with comments by both Vice Chairman Hauptman and Board Member Hood that the agency must proceed carefully regarding a premium, and with Harper about any decisions made about a premium be data driven.

NASCUS is also intrigued by the suggestion of possible congressional action to expand the investment authority of the insurance fund that would maximize yield while assuring the protection of the fund,” Ito said, noting comments made by Harper during the meeting. “The state system will be studying the statutorily permissible investments by the NCUSIF compared to the FDIC to inform potential legislation.”