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Senator Says FIs Must Take Responsibility for Zelle Fraud; How Affirm Built the BNPL Industry Interview; Google Pay Lets Customers Ditch CVVs for Biometrics; Offline Digital Payments to Deal with Financial Exclusion of the Non-Digital World
House Crypto Bill Sows the Seeds of The Next Financial Crisis; AI Should Be Trained to Respect a Regulatory Constitution, Says BofE Policy Maker; Generative AI Poses Unique Risks to Data Security; How Blockchain is Reshaping Supply Chains Beyond Finance
Beware – Your Customer Chatbot is Almost Certainly Insecure; 6 Mistakes Organizations Make When Deploying Advanced Authentication; Spyware Found on U.S. Hotel Check-In Computers; 7 Layers of Cybersecurity Defense
Non-Interest Income Rules Are Choking Credit Unions; Why Gen Z Can Be Credit Unions Best Friend / Worst Enemy; Ex-Citi Banker Says She Was Fired for Refusing to Give False Data to Regulator; DOJ Sidesteps Anticipated Impact on State Cannabis Markets
– Colorado The First State to Move Forward with Attempt to Regulate AI’s Hidden Role in American Life
– Space Coast Credit Union Announces Partnership with The Miami Dolphins
– Why This Credit Union Is Advocating for Mental Health
– FinCEN Holds Bilingual Beneficial Ownership Engagement in Puerto Rico

Strategy Highlights Recent Reforms to Close Loopholes Exploited by Illicit Actors; Recommendations Include Increasing Transparency, Leveraging Partnerships, and Supporting Responsible Technological Innovation  The U.S. Department of the Treasury issued the…

The National Credit Union Administration Board held its fourth open meeting of 2024 and received a briefing by the Deputy Chief Financial Officer on the performance of the National Credit Union Share…

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) is responsible for consumer protection in the financial sector. CFPB’s jurisdiction includes credit unions,  banks, securities firms, payday lenders,…

– Now That It Appears Marijuana Is Being Rescheduled, How Does That Process Work?
– Bridging the Gap: Cannabis Rescheduling to Align Policy with Research
– FDA Continues to Take Stance That It Will Not Issue CBD Rules

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