The NASCUS Team will be on the ground starting August 14th, in Huntington Beach, CA, for the 2022 State System Summit (S3). Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to see highlights and photos. 
Bank Regulators’ Heightened Scrutiny of AI Highlights Third-Party Risk; UT CU Accepts Mobile Driver’s Licenses After Successful Pilot; TN CU Expands FOM into GA; Proposed Legislation to Address Digital Asset Reporting Requirements; Cisco Hacked, 2.8GB Allegedly Stolen; CFPB updates, and more
NASCUS is committed to providing superior, quality training and education to state credit union examiners and state credit union managers and staff. View a list of upcoming events and opportunities.
NASCUS is the only organization in the U.S. credit union system with both state regulator and credit union members, which makes membership benefits unique. The dialogue NASCUS facilitated between state regulators and the industry is candid and transparent and can lend to a mutually beneficial relationship.
This database provides a searchable catalog of state credit union regulatory agencies (structure, funding, examination programs) and key state credit union powers. Login required.
Cybersecurity is a critical issue because it encompasses everything from improving business operations to protecting consumer privacy and staying ahead of network weaknesses. NASCUS is accumulating links and resources to help improve functionality and keep your information safe.
NASCUS Accreditation Program measures a state regulatory agency’s ability and resources to effectively carry out its regulatory and supervisory programs and assure the quality standards of states’ credit union examination and supervision.
Our mission is to forge a vibrant dual charter system by promoting a relevant, growth-oriented, and healthy state charter option.