Pierre Jay Award

Congratulations Mary Ellen O’Neill

The National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS) proudly announces that Mary Ellen O’Neill, former Connecticut Financial Institutions Division Director, is the 2022 Pierre Jay Award recipient.

This award, named after Pierre Jay, the first Commissioner of Banks in Massachusetts and first credit union regulator in the United States, is the highest honor NASCUS bestows and recognizes those with proven service, commitment, and leadership to NASCUS and the state-charter system.

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The National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS) created the Pierre Jay Award to recognize individuals, programs, and/or organizations whose contributions have benefited the state credit union system in a significant way. This award honors those who have demonstrated outstanding service, leadership, and commitment to NASCUS and the state system. This distinction is NASCUS’s highest honor in recognizing champions of the state credit union system.

About the Award

First presented in 1997, the Pierre Jay Award is named for the first Commissioner of Banks in Massachusetts, Pierre Jay. He learned of the cooperative credit union movement in Milan, Italy, and quickly embraced the concept. Working with philanthropist and credit union pioneer Edward Filene of Boston, Jay championed credit union development in the United States.

NASCUS members may submit nominations for the Pierre Jay for individuals and organizations that have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and dedication to the credit union system and/or to NASCUS.

NASCUS’ Pierre Jay Award Committee reviews nominations and a winner(s) are announced during NASCUS’s annual State System Summit (S3).

Eligibility, Criteria, and Nomination Process

Any person, program, or organization whose contributions have significantly benefitted the state credit union system.

  • Proven contributions that have benefited the state credit union system significantly
  • Proven demonstration of service, leadership, and commitment to the state system and/or NASCUS

Candidates may be nominated for a singular achievement or for activities spanning the course of their careers.

For more information or questions about the Pierre Jay Award, please contact NASCUS President & CEO Brian Knight.

Previous Winners:

  • 2022 Mary Ellen O’Neill
  • 2021 Sara Vega, Patty Idol, Kim Santos
  • 2019 Mary Hughes
  • 2018 Ron McDaniel
  • 2017 Terry West
  • 2015  Tom Candon
  • 2014 UBIT Steering Committee
  • 2013 J. Parker Cann
  • 2012 Linda Jekel
  • 2011 Roger Little
  • 2010 George Reynolds
  • 2009 Catherine Tierney
  • 2008 Sharon Whiddon
  • 2007 Harold Feeney
  • 2006 George Latham
  • 2005 Ella Robinson
  • 2004 Jim Blaine
  • 2002 James Forney
  • 2001 Richard Murakami
  • 2000 Gary Mielock
  • 1999 Gavin Gee
  • 1998 Gary Oakland
  • 1997 Mike Fitzgerald

For more information, please contact Dr. Isaida Woo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Education