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State Benefit Guides Completed To Date

As one of the Dual Charter Resources Initiative (DCRI) projects, NASCUS, in coordination with the state regulators and leagues, began creating a reference guide outlining the intricacies and benefits of each state’s regulatory environment and charter compared to the federal charter. These reference guides provide a broad 360-degree view of the relevant state charter, state regulator, and links to important statutory and regulatory citations necessary to understand the regulatory landscape…

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Colorado The First State to Move Forward with Attempt to Regulate AI’s Hidden Role in American Life

The first attempts to regulate artificial intelligence programs that play a hidden role in hiring, housing, and medical decisions for millions of Americans are facing pressure from all sides and floundering in statehouses nationwide. Only one of seven bills aimed at preventing AI’s penchant to discriminate when making consequential decisions — including who gets hired, money for a home, or medical care — has passed. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis hesitantly signed the bill on Friday.

Space Coast Credit Union Announces Partnership with The Miami Dolphins

Space Coast Credit Union (SCCU) announced today its partnership with the Miami Dolphins. As a proud partner of the Dolphins, this marks SCCU’s first-ever professional sports team partnership. “We know football unites communities across our state,” says Timothy M. Antonition, CEO of Space Coast Credit Union. “This milestone partnership is one of our strategic initiatives to enhance our presence in and support of South Florida and beyond, fostering community engagement and delivering personalized experiences.”

Why This Credit Union Is Advocating for Mental Health

Sharonview FCU’s CEO shares the deeply personal reasons why mental health advocacy is a company pillar. Toward the end of last year, Sharonview’s leadership and I focused on building a strategic plan for 2024 and beyond. The discussion naturally turned to our community pillars: Ending Homelessness, Alleviating Hunger and Promoting Financial Literacy.

FinCEN Holds Bilingual Beneficial Ownership Engagement in Puerto Rico

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) held an outreach event on beneficial ownership reporting requirements with Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State—the Hon. Omar J. Marrero-Diaz—at the Puerto Rico Department of State. The event included trade associations that represent small business groups in Puerto Rico. It was FinCEN’s first outreach event in Spanish regarding the Federal requirements to report information to FinCEN about the individuals who ultimately own or control them.

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State System Stats: Q4 2023

Q4 2023 State-Chartered CUs Federally-Chartered CUs Total CUs % of State-Chartered CUs
Assets $1.147 T $1.131 T $2.278 T 50.34%
Credit Unions 1,822 2,880 4702 38.75%
Members 66.9 M 73.7 M 140.6M 47.61%