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With a NASCUS membership, you are not just sitting at the table; you are an integral part of the conversation. Join us in 2024 as we continue impacting lives and communities nationwide.

Unique in the credit union space, NASCUS blends a national perspective of state regulators, state and federal credit unions, leagues, and other system stakeholders. Through expertly crafted forums, events, and programs, we provide a platform for regulators and industry stakeholders to share their perspectives, ideas, and best practices in developing constructive public policy to ensure a safe, sound, and growth-oriented system.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As navigate 2024, I’d like to reflect on our collective achievements. The collaboration of regulatory and credit union perspectives enables us to address challenges, devise solutions, and better position the credit union system for sustainable growth. Throughout the year, we’ve offered numerous industry networking and professional development opportunities. We remain committed to fostering connections between regulators, credit union stakeholders, and policymakers at both state and federal levels. With your membership support, NASCUS accomplishes its mission by:

  • Providing strategic insights to our members on issues like fintech/artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, cannabis banking, AML/BSA, and the evolving changes to the financial services sector.
  • Advocating for the state credit union system in Washington, actively engaging with NCUA, CFPB, FinCEN, Treasury, and other policymakers.
  • Assisting members in navigating ongoing cybersecurity challenges through training and free access to Tabletop Exercises conducted by the Treasury Department.
  • Collaborating with state regulators, credit union leagues, and credit unions to identify and publish the strengths within state-chartered credit union statutes.
  • Building bridges between state regulators and credit unions with the Cooperative Interstate Agreement for the Supervision of State-Chartered Credit Unions.
  • Developing frameworks for the credit union statutes of the future.
  • And much more…

Covering more than $1.128 trillion in assets, with more than 66 million members and 1,856 institutions in our state system, our objective is to advance credit union legislation, regulation, and supervision. We aim to foster a resilient state-chartered credit union system through collaboration between regulators and credit unions.

Our focus in the coming year will be on issues crucial to the credit union system’s future success. We will advocate for regulations and supervision that align with operational flexibility, allowing credit unions to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. Our committee meetings, webinars, and conferences will continue addressing relevant issues, such as fintech, cybersecurity, cannabis banking, digital assets, emerging trends, class action litigation defense, and supervision changes.

More importantly, we will expand platforms for collaboration among our members. Our commitment goes beyond supporting the industry; it involves innovating through collaboration. Advocacy means more than just informing policymakers; it’s about creating platforms to exchange ideas and generate solutions from a spectrum of expertise and diverse perspectives.

Thank you for your support,
Brian Knight
President and CEO, NASCUS

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