NASCUS Summary: December 2022 NCUA Board Meeting

On December 15, the NCUA Board held its final meeting of 2023. The Board was briefed on the Share Insurance Fund’s (SIF) Normal Operating Level, which will remain at 1.33%. The NOL was lowered to 1.33% from 1.38% at the end of 2021. The Board discussed inflation and the current rate environment during the briefing along with the potential impact these factors may have on the SIF in the coming months and years.

The Board was also presented with the proposed 2023-2024 NCUA Budget for a vote. The funding levels in the total 2023 draft budget would be reduced by $6.7 million. The original draft was posted to the NCUA website on September 29, 2022, with an identical version published in the Federal Register on October 5, 2022. The Board voted unanimously to approve the budget. Toward the end of the budget discussion, Chairman Harper inquired as to the impacts of the Financial Transparency Act on the NCUA Budget should NDAA pass. It was noted that should this pass, implementation would be a multi-year effort that NCUA would need to assess.

Finally, the Board unanimously approved a Proposed Rule, NCUA Parts 701 and 714, Financial Innovation – Loan Participation, Eligible Obligations, and Notes of Liquidating Credit Unions. The proposed rule would amend NCUA’s rules and regulations regarding the purchase of loan participations and the purchase, sale, and pledge of eligible obligations and other loans, including notes of liquidating credit unions. The proposed rule is also intended to clarify the NCUA’s current regulations while providing additional flexibility for federally insured credit unions to use advanced technologies and opportunities offered by FinTechs. The NCUA Board praised the proposed rule as a means to keep the NCUA relevant in this space and allow credit unions greater opportunities.