BRIEFLY: Letter reminds FCUs their op fees drop average of nearly 25%; NCUA, bank regulators dinged in privacy report; ‘Consumer law’ task force records to be released

(Jan. 21, 2022) Federal credit union (FCU) operating fees will decrease by an average of 23.7% in 2022, NCUA told the FCUs in a letter Thursday (letter to FCUs 22-FCU-01). About half of the 2022 operating fee reduction results from the NCUA Board applying a $15 million credit to amounts that would otherwise be due to support the approved 2022 operating and capital budgets, which came from previously collected operating fees that were unspent at year-end 2021, NCUA said. The remainder of the fee reduction, the agency said, came from budget surplus, growth in credit union assets – and “a slight increase to the share of the Operating Budget funded from the Share Insurance Fund through the Overhead Transfer Rate (OTR) methodology.” … NCUA and the federal banking agencies were all dinged in a congressional watchdog’s report on privacy protection for not fully implementing key practices. The report from the Governmental Accountability Office (GAO) notes that the agencies, among other things, have not maintained a full “personally identifiable information” (PII) inventory for all agency-owned applications. The agencies also did not document steps taken to minimize the collection and use of PII, the report asserts … A 2019 CFPB taskforce, ostensibly focusing on federal consumer financial law, did not comply with federal “sunshine” law requirements and the report of the group, issued about a year ago, will say so under a settlement announced late last week by the agency. Under that settlement, all taskforce records that would have been made public if the CFPB had complied with FACA’s requirements will be released publicly March 22. The records will also be made publicly available on the CFPB’s website, the agency said.


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