BRIEFLY: SAFE Banking Act falls short of NDAA bill; watch for dues notices!

(Dec. 10, 2021) The latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) – must-pass, annual legislation that includes funding for the military, among other things — does not include the SAFE Banking Act, which would allow credit unions to serve legal cannabis-related businesses in states that have legalized cannabis. The House has previously passed an NDAA version that included the SAFE bill; however, that provision ran into trouble gaining support by Senate leaders. NASCUS has strongly supported adoption of the bill … NASCUS sent to credit union and associate members their 2022 membership dues invoices this week. NASCUS primary points of contacts should look for an email from Shellee Mitchell, Program Specialist. If you do not receive your invoice by next week, please let Shellee know at [email protected]  NASCUS appreciates the ongoing support from our membership, and we look forward working with you in 2022.