Chopra takes CFPB reins; taps senior staff

(Oct. 15, 2021) The CFPB has a new, permanent director (for a five-year term, at least – or until the president decides to make a change), who this week also installed a new, senior staff full of former bureau workers.

Rohit Chopra was sworn in Tuesday as the latest leader of the bureau, becoming the fifth permanent or acting director since the agency’s creation in 2011. He was confirmed by the Senate Sept. 30 for the job. In a letter to all agency employees (as well as the boards of the Federal Reserve and FDIC (on whose board he sits as CFPB director)), Chopra said the agency and its workers must use their tools to promote competition and shift market power toward consumers and law-abiding businesses.

“We must strive for a marketplace where families are treated fairly and can seek help when they’re in trouble,” Chopra wrote. “And most importantly, we must anticipate emerging risks so we can act before a crisis, rather than acting after it is too late.”

The next day, Chopra announced he was naming four individuals to serve in senior posts — deputy director, associate director for consumer education and external affairs, chief of staff, and chief technologist – three of whom previously served at the agency. They (and their latest positions) are: Zixta Q. Martinez, as deputy director; Jan Singelmann as chief of staff; and Erie Meyer as chief technologist.

Karen Andre, who most recently was President Biden’s special assistant for economic agency personnel, was named associate director for consumer education and external affairs.


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