AROUND THE STATES: Joining IL’s ‘I Love My CU,’ staying updated

(July 16, 2021) NASCUS has joined the “I Love My CU” program developed by the Illinois Credit Union League, and will participate in the July 30 social media platform effort to raise awareness about credit unions and share stories about the things they do to help consumers and their communities. A key part of the program: posting, on the same day, social media messages with the same message, with the same hashtag ‘’ #ilovemycreditunion.

NASCUS continually updates its “Around the States” section on, with the latest developments within the state system, state by state. Among states with latest updates are Indiana, California, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Nebraska (and more). For more details on the very latest (in Indiana), see the link below.


Details on I Love My Credit Union

Indiana update: Around the states

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