BRIEFLY: NCUA charters 2nd credit union of year; OCC ‘retires’ position of COO; NASCUS present at international CU regulators conference

(July 9, 2021) Community First Fund Federal Credit Union, of Lancaster, Penn., was chartered this week by NCUA, the second credit union chartered so far this year by the federal regulator. The new institution is sponsored by the nonprofit Community First Fund to serve the approximately 550,000-person community of Lancaster County; operations are expected to begin by year’s end. The credit union plans to offer credit cards and first mortgages … The position of chief operating officer (COO) is “retired” at the OCC under a reorganization plan announced this week by the agency; however, Blake Paulson, the veteran occupant of that position (and former acting comptroller) will stay with the agency but in a new role. The agency’s bank supervision units (the bank supervision policy, midsize and community bank supervision, large bank supervision, and supervision risk and analysis) and the office of management will now report directly to Acting Comptroller Michael J. Hsu. Since 2019, those divisions reported to the agency’s COO … NASCUS participated in this week’s annual conference of the International Credit Union Regulators’ Network (ICURN), held virtually Wednesday and Thursday. NASCUS President and CEO Lucy Ito serves on the ICURN Board of Directors. In conjunction with the event, ICURN announced a new virtual training program for credit union supervisors, running from Sept. 20-24. The virtual course is based on the group’s in-person training program, ICURN said.