Cyber security need underscored by pipeline hack, shortages

(May 14, 2021) If you were one of the unfortunate but countless number of folks sitting in line at the gas pumps this week – wondering “what can I do to stop this?” – consider the NASCUS Cybersecurity eSchool (in partnership with CUNA) set for Sept. 3 to Nov. 9.

The hacking and ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline – which disrupted gasoline delivery to stations up and down the East Coast, leading to panic buying and long lines – has underscored the need for cybersecurity preparation and protection, according to many experts.

Aimed at anyone at credit unions and regulators needing cybersecurity training, the Cybersecurity eSchool multi-week program includes sessions on: anatomy of a ransomware attack; cybersecurity strategy, developing and strengthening an information security policy; building staff and board awareness; threat hunting; security frameworks and more.

For more information, including the agenda and registration, see the link below.

Also: This week NCUA and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) scheduled a May 26 one-hour webinar (at 2 p.m.), for credit unions on preventing and addressing cyberattacks. NCUA said the session will focus on (among other things) Identifying risks to products, services, and assets and monitoring the security of networks.

NASCUS Cybersecurity eSchool, in Partnership with CUNA

Registration Now Open for NCUA, CISA Cybersecurity Webinar