Summaries outline corporate sub debt, joint ownership rules

(March 12, 2021) Two new summaries of final rules on corporate credit union purchase of subordinated debt, and on joint ownership share accounts, were posted by NASCUS this week.

Both are available to members only.

In October the NCUA Board approved a new corporate credit union rule that, as proposed, included a section on corporate purchase of credit union subordinated debt. However, the portion on purchase of subordinated debt was left out of the final rule. The board said then it would adopt that portion of the rule once it had finalized the subordinated debt final rule. Since that rule was adopted in December, the board then finalized late last month the subordinated debt portion of the corporate rule. NASCUS supported the provision.

The final rule takes effect Jan. 1.

The joint ownership share accounts final rule was approved by the NCUA Board at its Feb. 18 meeting. The rule, which takes effect March 26, would allow account records information other than a signature card to support the insured status of a joint ownership share account in a credit union. The final rule provides federally insured credit unions with an alternative method to satisfy the membership card or account signature card requirement. NASCUS supported the proposal.

NASCUS summary: Corporate Credit Unions (purchase of subordinated debt) (members only)

NASCUS summary: Joint Ownership Share Accounts (members only)