Hauptman to serve as liaison to NASCUS

(Jan. 15, 2021) The state system has a new, direct contact on the NCUA Board: Vice Chairman Kyle Hauptman, who was named board liaison to NASCUS and another credit union group this week by Chairman Rodney Hood.

In a release, the agency said Hauptman’s responsibilities as liaison to the state system (and to the Defense Credit Union Council, a Washington-based group representing defense-based credit unions) would include meeting with both groups and reporting on priorities and recommendations to the NCUA Board. Hood noted that the Federal Credit Union Act empowers him, as NCUA Chairman, to determine each board member’s area of responsibility.

Hauptman said, in the release, that he is looking forward to working with NASCUS “as it will provide me with a broader understanding of the credit union landscape.”

NASCUS’ Lucy Ito, in a press statement of her own, congratulated Hauptman and added that the state system is fully ready and willing to interact with him to achieve his stated goal of developing a broader understanding of credit unions, particularly the role of the dual chartering system. “NASCUS shares the belief that a strong, equal partnership between NCUA and the state credit union system will help ensure a vibrant and mutually reinforcing dual charter system – which we also believe makes for a stronger, more resilient and long-lasting credit union system overall,” she said.

Hauptman Named NCUA Liaison to DCUC and NASCUS

NASCUS President and CEO Lucy Ito on appointment of NCUA Vice Chairman Kyle Hauptman as liaison to state system