Identity Theft Resource Center Consumer Impact Report

About the ITRC Consumer Impact Report
Since 2003, the ITRC has surveyed the identity crime victims who have contacted the Center to gauge the impact of identity compromises on individuals. Numerous studies by government agencies and private organizations focus on the financial impacts of identity-related crimes. However, the primary purpose of the ITRC Consumer Impact Report is to gauge the emotional, physical and practical effects on the day-to-day lives of victims, including lost opportunities.

This year’s report reflects the responses of 120 victims who contacted the ITRC between April 2021 and March 2022. In the time period covered by this report, new forms of identity attacks emerged. Social media account take-over grew by more than 1,000 percent in just one year. We sought additional input, specifically from victims whose social media accounts were compromised. This survey includes the responses of 97 victims who contacted the ITRC and shows the impacts of the loss of access to a social media account are more significant than first believed.

Previous Consumer Impact Reports dating back to 2003 only reflected the experience of victims who contacted the ITRC. To get a broader view of the trends and impacts affecting consumers in general, this year, the ITRC asked 1,371 consumers in an online survey if they had been the victim of an identity crime and, if so, how it impacted them. Responses from this broader set of self-identified victims using similar questions asked of victims who contacted the ITRC show both significant differences and common experiences.