AROUND THE STATES: Maine report shows credit unions held 22% of all assets in state at MY ‘21

(Jan. 21, 2022) There were 56 credit unions authorized to do business in Maine at mid-year 2021 – which altogether held $10.3 billion in assets, for 22.07% of all financial institution assets in the state — according to the annual report to the state’s legislature issued this week by the Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions. The charter types for the credit unions included 12 state credit unions chartered by Maine, two credit unions chartered by other states, and 42 federal credit unions. Overall, Maine-chartered credit unions, the report notes, held $3.15 billion in assets, representing a year-over-year increase of 15.2% ($416 million). For more information on Maine credit unions (and financial institutions) see the link below to the full report.


Annual Report from The Superintendent Of The Bureau Of Financial Institutions To The Legislature