Nominations for Harper, Fed leaders, resubmitted

(Jan. 7, 2022) The nomination of Todd M. Harper to be reappointed chairman of the NCUA Board, for a six-year term to run through April 2027, was resubmitted by the White House to the Senate this week – even though Harper in September testified in a confirmation hearing before the Banking Committee.

The resubmission of Harper’s nomination was one of three for federal financial regulators made by the White House this week (and more than 100 submitted overall). The other two were for Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome H. (“Jay”) Powell and Board Member Lael Brainard. The White House had originally submitted those nominations Dec. 13. Powell has been nominated to be reappointed chair of the board (for a four-year term ending in 2026; Brainard has been nominated to be vice chair of the board, also for term ending in 2026.

The reasons for the resubmittals is largely procedural. Jan. 3 marked the beginning of the second session of the current Congress. Under Senate rules, nominations not confirmed by the end of a legislative session must be returned to the White House and resubmitted. New confirmation hearings for those already conducted (such as Harper’s) are unlikely.

Meanwhile, confirmation hearings for Powell and Brainard for their leadership posts on the Fed Board were announced this week by the Senate Banking Committee. Powell’s hearing will be Tuesday (Jan. 11) and Brainard’s Thursday (Jan. 13).


Nominations Sent to the Senate