Spending plan includes 48 new positions

(Nov. 19, 2021) One of the key expenses proposed in the agency’s 2022 operating budget is the addition of 48 full-time equivalency (FTE) positions, according to NCUA budget documents released this week.

The additional positions include:

  • 29 FTEs for regional staff and supervisory examiners;
  • three FTEs among regional staff “to expand the cadre of specialist examiners;”
  • five FTEs in the agency’s Office of Consumer and Financial Protection to “increase the number of fair lending examinations and reviews and to strengthen the agency’s efforts to promote financial inclusion and outreach;”
  • adding seven FTEs in various NCUA headquarters offices;
  • two FTEs in the agency’s Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion (CURE);
  • and making permanent eight FTEs now filled “within the total NCUA staffing plan.”

The net number of FTEs is reached by cutting five positions in the Office of Chief Financial Officer and Office of Examination and Insurance (E&I), and an additional one FTE in E&I by “reorganizing responsibilities in the office.”

Employee compensation, the agency proposes, will rise by $16.7 million (6.9% over 2021 budget).

During the NCUA Board meeting Thursday, Member Rodney Hood took aim at the 48 additional positions, saying the agency “doesn’t need nearly 50 additional staff positions at this time.” He added that “it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks” as the board members work on the budget before final approval.

Chairman Todd Harper committed to working with both Hood and Vice Chairman Kyle Hauptman in hashing out a final agency budget. The proposed budget released this week, he observed, was just a starting point.

Other key NCUA budget items include:

  • An increase by $8.5 million for travel (for a total of $20.8 million);
  • An $11.5 million decrease in “contracted services” (to $36.7 million);
  • And $2 million less in rent, utilities and communications (for a total of $5.1 million)


NCUA Staff Draft: 2022 – 2023 Budget Justification (see page 29)