TRANSITIONS: Permanency in MS; new face in AK, so long in NM

(March 26, 2021) Rhoshunda Kelly is now the Mississippi commissioner of banking and finance, removing the “interim” from her title that she earned in an appointment announced last summer. Kelly has nearly 20 years as a bank regulator; she was named deputy commissioner in 2014. She has also served as a field examiner, review examiner and director of bank supervision. She holds a degree in business (banking and finance concentration) from Mississippi State University, and is a graduate of the school of banking at Louisiana State University where she is currently a faculty member. She is also an honor graduate of the American Bankers Association (ABA) Graduate Trust School.

In Alaska, James (“Jim”) McConnell has been appointed director of the Alaska Division of Banking and Securities, which regulates state depository and non-depository financial institutions, administers and enforces Alaska’s financial services laws, and provides information for consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, and regulated industries. McConnell has 20 years’ experience in commercial banking and 25 years as an independent loan consultant, project developer and “contract banker” throughout the state. He has experience in consumer and residential, commercial real estate, and project development lending, as well as troubled debt restructuring. His areas of specialization include consumer and residential lending, commercial real estate and project development lending, troubled debt restructures, infrastructure lending/review, and industrial development.

Finally, so long and thanks to New Mexico’s David Gee, who is retiring April 2, for his long-time service as Credit Union Industry Manager of the state’s Financial Institutions Division.