2021 NCUA reg review outlined in summary

(March 5, 2021) NASCUS has published its summary of NCUA’s regulatory review roster for 2021, which lists the one-third of the agency rules that it is reviewing – part of the three-year review plan by the agency. This summary is also available to members only.

Under the review plan, the agency’s Office of General Counsel maintains a rolling review schedule of one-third of NCUA rules each year, and seeks public comment on those.

Among the rules being reviewed this round: Security program, report of suspected crimes, suspicious transactions, catastrophic acts and Bank Secrecy Act compliance (Part 748 of the agency’s rules); Golden parachute and indemnification payments (Part 750); Registration of residential mortgage loan originators (Part 761); Rules of NCUA Board procedure, promulgation of NCUA rules and regulations, public observation of NCUA Board meetings (Part 791); and Post-employment restrictions for certain NCUA examiners (Part 796).

NASCUS Summary: NCUA 2021 regulatory review