BRIEFLY: Job openings in WA; GAO sees little adverse impact from leveraged lending; Holiday schedule for <i>NASCUS Report</i>

(Dec. 18, 2020) The Credit Union Department of the Washington Department of Financial Institutions has two job openings (which are posted on right now): Financial Examiner 2-3 and Financial Examiner Supervisor. See the link to our “state job announcements” on the website … A predicted collapse did not materialize of some financial institutions and others due to over-investment in leveraged loans and collateralized loan obligations (CLO) as a result of the financial impact of the coronavirus crisis, according to a report issued this week. The report indicated that’s because of large banks’ strong capital positions and other factors. The new report issued by the congressional watchdog Government Accountability Office (GAO) added that federal regulators remain cautious about financial stability and urged the Treasury Secretary and Congress to take action … Due to the upcoming holidays, NASCUS Report will be published early next week, on Wednesday (Dec. 23). The following week (Dec. 28-Jan. 1) NASCUS Report will be taking a break, with publication resuming the following week (Jan. 4).

NASCUS state job announcements

GAO: Agencies have not found leveraged lending to significantly threaten stability but remain cautious amid pandemic