TRANSITIONS: In LA, Ducrest retires; In KS, Hurt begins

(Dec. 4, 2020) John Ducrest, long-time (since 2004) Louisiana commissioner of financial institutions in the state’s Office of Financial Institutions (OFI), has retired, effective Dec. 2.  Among many other contributions to NASCUS, Ducrest drove critical enhancements to NASCUS’ Accreditation Program and most recently served as Chairman of the NASCUS Performance Standards Committee. Christine Kirkland has been named acting commissioner of the OFI … Meanwhile, in Kansas, Vickie Hurt has assumed her duties (as of Nov. 28) of acting administrator of the Kansas credit union administrator; the state’s Senate is expected to take up her confirmation as permanent administrator in the 2021 legislative session. She is also a former credit union CEO and board member of the Kansas Credit Union Association. Hurt replaces Jerel Wright in the position, who retired Nov. 28 following 14 years of service (1997-2005 and 2014-20).