NASCUS is the state credit union regulatory voice before Congress, federal agencies and the credit union system.



NASCUS is committed to providing ongoing and progressive training for state examiners.



NASCUS is the nationwide network for state credit union regulatory resources and information sharing.

NASCUS is the only organization exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing a strong state credit union system. Established in 1965, state credit union regulators formed NASCUS to promote the safety and soundness of state-chartered credit unions.

Top Stories

Exam Council releases cybersecurity assessment tool
June 30, 2015
-- A cybersecurity assessment tool designed to help credit unions and other financial institutions identify their risks and assess their cybersecurity preparedness was released today (June 30) by the Federal Financial Institutions Exam Council (FFIEC). READ

Agenda set for Cybersecurity Symposium Aug. 24-25

JUNE 30, 2015
-- A live hack demonstration, a top U.S. Secret Service cybercrime expert, and vulnerabilities in the payments system – including Apple Pay and “chip and pin” -- are all part of the Aug. 24-25 NASCUS/CUNA Cybersecurity Symposium in Denver. READ

Analysis of NCUA diversity policies, practices letter available
JUNE 29, 2015 -- We have posted our analysis (members only) of NCUA’s letter to credit unions on diversity policies and practices, which was released by the agency late last week. READ

Colorado to begin search for successor to Myklebust
JUNE 26, 2015 --
When the state of Colorado begins looking in July for a new state commissioner of financial services to replace Chris Myklebust, it will be searching for someone new who can take up regulation of state credit unions, savings and loan associations and life care institutions for the first time since 2006. READ


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