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The NASCUS mission is to enhance state credit union supervision and advocate for a safe and sound credit union system. State credit union regulators formed NASCUS in 1965 to promote the safety and soundness of state-chartered credit unions. NASCUS is the only organization dedicated to the defense and promotion of the state credit union charter and the autonomy of state credit union regulatory agencies.

Professional Regulator membership

As a professional regulators association, NASCUS is the primary resource and voice of the 45 state governmental agencies that charter, regulate and examine the nation's state-chartered credit unions. (Delaware, South Dakota and Wyoming have no laws permitting state-chartered credit unions.) State regulators supervise about 2,300 state-chartered credit unions across the nation (about two in every five credit unions, the others being federal credit unions chartered by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)). However, state credit unions supervised by NASCUS-member regulators hold more than $639 billion in assets (about 49% of all credit union assets), and count more than 51 million memberships (about one in every two credit union memberships).

NASCUS represents the interests of state agencies before Congress and is the state system’s liaison to federal agencies including the NCUA, which in addition to being the chartering authority for federal credit unions, is the administrator of the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), the insurer of most state-chartered credit unions. NASCUS also provides examiner education programs for state agencies. .

Additionally, NASCUS represents state regulators on the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council’s (FFIEC) State Liaison Committee (SLC), which serves as a conduit between state regulators and the Council and represents state supervisory interests before the Council.  The SLC consists of five representatives from state regulatory agencies that supervise financial institutions, appointed for two-year terms and may be reappointed.  NASCUS names one member of the committee.

NASCUS is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of state regulators. NASCUS’ operations are led by Lucy Ito (President and CEO) and its management from NASCUS headquarters in Arlington, VA. 

NASCUS Credit Union Membership

As advisors to NASCUS, NASCUS Credit Union members works to enhance the state credit union charter by partnering with NASCUS to protect state authority, promote regulatory innovation and preserve diversity in the system.

Our membership is comprised of the CEOs of the most progressive and innovative state-chartered credit unions in the nation. NASCUS' Dual Chartering Benefactor members, which are state credit union leagues, federal credit unions, law firms dedicated to credit unions, national credit union trade groups and credit union share insurers.

NASCUS Associate membership

NASCUS' Associate members are credit union system organizations which support a strong, dual chartering framework. For more information about becoming an associate member, contact Alicia Valencia Erb, NASCUS Vice President of Member Relations, at aerb@nascus.org, or at (703) 528-0874. Or:

National Institute for State Credit Union Examination (NISCUE)

NISCUE is NASCUS' educational foundation. Promoting excellence in supervisory oversight, NISCUE provides continuing education programs for state credit union examiners, information on compliance issues and updates on changing industry trends. NISCUE is supported by the generous donations of NASCUS Credit Union members, who make valuable educational opportunities available to state credit union examiners nationwide.

Through these programs, NISCUE advances the quality of state credit union examinations and expands the skills of state supervisory examiners. NISCUE donations also make it possible for NASCUS to award scholarships to state examiners. The NASCUS organization and NASCUS members are thankful for the generosity of NISCUE donors and deeply appreciate their continued support.

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NASCUS Bylaws/June 2016 (PDF file format)

NASCUS Public Policies; June 6, 2019 (PDF file format)


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