State System Profile FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can multiple users from the same state work at the same time? In order to avoid writing over each other’s data, please coordinate your teams so only one user is updating your state-specific portal at a time.
  • Can I see all of the questions before entering the site? Yes, please click here to view the list. *Please note this is to offer a wide-angle view of the site and new questions may be added in the future. You will not be able to enter data into this pdf. Data must be entered into the state-specific portal.
  • Do I have to go in order? No, you do not have to go in order. However, it may make communicating with your team about your progression easier if you do.
  • How quickly does this take effect? Immediately upon saving.
  • How will I know what has been updated? Currently, the date shown represents the last time data was saved to your state’s page.  The NASCUS team is currently working on coding the site to indicate which exact fields have been updated on which dates. In the meantime, please coordinate data entry with your team to help alleviate this gap.
    • If the date listed says “Last updated: 10-25-2021 01:45:45pm” that is the time the 2016 data was loaded into the system. Entering data coupled with “save progress” clicks will cause that date to change.
  • What if I see incorrect information in the field? We built the system using 2016 data, simply click into the field and replace any incorrect data.
  • Who has access to this? Each Supervisory team (approved by the Commissioner or Director of that state) has access to edit information in their state only. For example, the AZ team cannot edit the MO team’s portal.
  • I need help, who do I contact? Please contact Amanda Tuckey at [email protected] with any questions about uploading/downloading the information in this database, or adding new users.

Need help? Please contact Amanda Tuckey at [email protected] with any questions about uploading or downloading the information in this database.