NCUA Letters to Credit Unions 2021


Date Letter Number Title NASCUS Summary
December 2021 21-CU-16 Relationships with Third Parties that Provide Services Related to Digital Assets Available
November 2021 21-CU-13 Subordinated Debt Final Rule Effective January 1, 2022 Available
November 2021 21-CU-12 Internal Revenue Service’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Collaboration Opportunities Available
October 2021 21-CU-11  Emergency Capital Investment Program Available
October 2021 21-CU-10  Interagency Statement on LIBOR Transition Available
September 2021 21-CU-09  Navigating and Understanding the End of Pandemic-Era Homeowner Protection Programs Available
August 2021 21-CU-08 Implementation of Modernized Systems Available
August 2021 21-CU-07 Capitalization of Unpaid Interest Available
July 2021 21-CU-06 NCUA to Implement Phase One of Resuming Onsite Operations Available
July 2021 21-CU-05

Interagency Statement on the Issuance of the AML/CFT National Priorities

June 2021


Renewal of PCA Relief

May 2021 21-CU-03 LIBOR Transition Available
January 2021 21-CU-02 NCUA’s Supervisory Priorities for 2021 Available
January 2021 21-CU-01 Summary of Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021 Available


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