NCUA Letters to Credit Unions 2020

Date Letter Number Title NASCUS Summary
July 2020 20-CU-23 Annual Credit Union Diversity Self-Assement Available
July 2020 20-CU-22 Update to NCUA’s 2020 Supervisory Priorities Available
July 2020 20-CU-21 Field of Membership — Rural District Available
June 2020 20-CU-20 Phased Approach to Onsite Examinations Available
June 2020 20-CU-19 Additonal Guidance Regarding Servicing Hemp-Related Businesses Available
June 2020 20-CU-18 PCA Regulatory Relief Measures Related to COVID-19 Available
May 2020 20-CU-17 Update to Offsite Examination and Supervision Approach Available
May 2020 20-CU-16 Low Income Designations: Qualification of Military Personnel Available
May 2020 20-CU-15 Principles for Making Responsible Small Dollar Loans Available
May 2020 20-CU-14 Establishment of CLF Memberships Available
April 2020 20-CU-13 Working with Borrowers Affected by COVID-19 Available
April 2020 20-CU-12 Outreach Related to COVID-19 Impact Available
April 2020 20-CU-11 Regulatory Treatment of PPP Loans Available
April 2020 20-CU-10 Residential Appraisal Threshold Increase and Other COVID-19 Related Measures Available 
April 2020 20-CU-09 Temporary Regulatory Relief in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic Available
April 2020 20-CU-08 Enhancement to CLF and Borrorwing Authority Available
April 2020 20-CU-07 Summary of the CARES Act Available
April 2020 20-CU-06 Loan Programs to Help Small Businesses and Members During the COVID-19 Pandemic Available
March 2020 20-CU-05 Offsite Examination and Supervision Approach Available
March 2020 20-CU-04 Responsible Small-Dollar Lending in Response to COVID-19 Available
March 2020 20-CU-03 Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Available
March 2020 20-CU-02 NCUA Actions Related to COVID-19 Available
January 2020 20-CU-01 Supervisory Priorities for 2020 Available



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