North Carolina Credit Union Division Receives 2023 NASCUS Accreditation

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – The National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS) is proud to announce that the North Carolina Credit Union Division has earned Accreditation following a series of in-depth reviews and assessments by a panel of veteran state supervisors.

“NASCUS’ Accreditation is highly significant for our Division. It’s crucial for stakeholders to have complete confidence in our commitment to strong national standards and our consistent ability to meet those standards and processes,” commented Rose Conner, Administrator of the North Carolina Credit Union Division. “Independent professionals thoroughly reviewed our Division to establish our continued credibility and ensure we follow best practices and provide excellent service to North Carolina’s state-chartered credit unions and consumers. I’m proud of our team’s 2023 Accreditation.”

The process of NASCUS Accreditation entails a thorough evaluation and continuous monitoring carried out by the NASCUS Performance Standards Committee (PSC), consisting of experienced regulators from accredited state agencies.

“This peer-reviewed program recognizes achievements of state credit union regulators to effectively carry out regulatory and supervisory programs in their operations and utilization of resources,” commented NASCUS President and CEO Brian Knight. “Achieving NASCUS Accreditation reflects the exceptional capabilities of state regulatory agencies and their ability to meet the highest level of regulatory proficiency and industry standards. Furthermore, the Accreditation review process can identify opportunities for statutory, regulatory, or supervisory changes to further enhance the agency and the state’s charter.”

To obtain Accreditation, a credit union state supervisory agency must demonstrate compliance with the accreditation standards in areas such as agency administration and finance, personnel and training, examination, supervision, and legislative powers.

NASCUS began developing the Accreditation program in 1989 to administer and ensure states’ credit union examination and supervision quality standards. This program, modeled on the university accreditation concept, applies national performance standards to a state’s credit union regulatory program.

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