Brian Knight’s 25 Years of Dedication

This week, we have the pleasure of celebrating a remarkable milestone. Brian has reached his 25th anniversary with NASCUS, symbolizing unwavering loyalty, resilience, and an exceptional work ethic. As we commemorate this achievement, we have a special opportunity to acknowledge Brian’s accomplishments and invaluable contributions to NASCUS’s success.

Brian’s enduring commitment to NASCUS, is a testament to his wealth of experience, unparalleled expertise, and deep institutional knowledge. This momentous occasion calls for us to pause and extend our heartfelt recognition for the immense value he has brought to our organization.

Brian, we are so grateful that you are the President & CEO of NASCUS!  Thank you for your dedication to NASCUS!  Janet Powell, State of Oregon

We are always impressed by your leadership and how you continually move NASCUS in the right direction.  Your knowledge of all things credit union and regulation is unsurpassed.  We appreciate everything that you do for your staff, our membership and joint leadership.  We are so very fortunate to have you leading the way and we could not be more pleased with the outstanding job that you do for NASCUS.  Jeff Dahlstrom, Southeast Financial Credit Union

I appreciate that Brian can make NCUA Regulations sound fun and exciting for hours! And…

I appreciate that Brian is tactful and yet very direct in making comments and/or addressing the elephant in the room and often, uses humor.  Rose Heston Conner, Administrator, NC Credit Union Division

Congratulations Brian on 25 years.  It has been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to working with you for many more.  I appreciate Brian’s ability to sort through and achieve consensus on complicated issues, often by asking well phrased questions.
Corey Krebbs, North Dakota

It is wonderfully ironic that as a Historian Enthusiast, you created your own piece of vibrant history within NASCUS and the credit union industry.  I am grateful to learn from you, bear witness to this journey, and collaborate in way which blazes trails, breaks barriers and breathes Inclusion into every nook.  Congratulations on 25 years, and the years ahead!  Your service is a gift to us all.
Amy Nelson, Point West Credit Union

I appreciate Brian for his earnest to lead with fair perspectives and decisiveness. And…

I think that Brian has a whit and sincere kindness which many are not fortunate to know. Shellee Mitchell, NASCUS Member Engagement Manager

Congratulations on 25 years! Thank you for your commitment to an industry I’ve truly grown to love. Your dedication to NASCUS and passion for what you do is second to none. And…

Thank you for being a sounding board for new ideas (perhaps too many ideas at times) and allowing me to run with them.  I have learned so much and look forward to learning so much more. I do often wonder if you have an unlimited amount of storage space in your brain because I’m always amazed at the wealth of information you know (and can throw out at any given moment). In all seriousness, thank you for your support, your knowledge, and for giving me an opportunity.
Sarah Stevenson, NASCUS Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

I have always appreciated not only how knowledgeable Brian is across a broad range of topics in our space, but how down-to-earth and common sense he is in speaking about and working on them. And…

He instills a lot of confidence for me in who he is and what he does when we are not around to watch. Brian Wolfburg, President/CEO, VyStar Credit Union

Brian’s loyalty and dedication to NASCUS, his understanding of the industry event impact on our members, and his professionalism and ability to articulate on the issues at hand with regulators, legislators and credit union executives.
Robert M. Cashman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Metro Credit Union

The thing I most appreciate about Brian is his incredible memory and openly sharing of his wealth of knowledge– he does so with flair and integrity.
Denice Schultheiss, Director, Office of Credit Unions, State of Michigan

Dedicating 25 years of your life to a single organization is no small feat. Your investment and devotion to NASCUS shows in every smiling nod of appreciation, laugh over coffee, and late-night email. Thank you for every guiding piece of advice, your heartfelt support, and your great sense of humor. Congratulations!
Amanda Tuckey, NASCUS Vice President, Marketing and Communications

My appreciation about Brian is that he leads by example.  And…

He has a very strong work ethic and he is always willing and able to help whether he was a General Counsel or President and CEO no task is to small or too big.  And…

He believes in Team Work and he is always striving to bring out the best in everyone.
Isaida Woo, NASCUS Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs and Education

I appreciate that you are so very smart, yet humble, and that you are funny.  You are also very encouraging to others.
Amy Hunter, Director of Credit Unions, State of Washington

Thank you for your work on behalf of state regulators, not only to those you have impacted over the last 25 years, but those who will come after us. The legacy you have built in the credit union regulatory realm is much further reaching than NASCUS. The credit union system in the United States has benefitted from your contribution. Plus, you’re a great friend; And…

An interesting storyteller!  Cheers to 25 more years! Katie E. Averill, Superintendent, Iowa Division of Credit Unions Director, Iowa Department of Commerce

Brian’s regulatory knowledge of past, present and emerging issues concerning credit unions is amazing.
Yolanda Ford, State of New York

Brian’s 25 years with NASCUS has left an indelible mark on the industry and its regulatory environment.  Brian has identified potential issues well in advance of their impact and has developed both communication and education channels for regulators and the industry to become aware of the issue and begin the work of developing an appropriate response through dialogue.  Brian’s handle on the institutional history and the various aspects of the state systems is incredible as well.  John J. Kolhoff, NASCUS SVP, Policy and Supervision


  • Is an incredible thinker and wealth of knowledge about the state system
  • Has great enthusiasm about NASCUS and the work that we do
  • Is very approachable and supportive leader
  • Is open to hearing the ideas of others

Nichole Seabron, NASCUS Vice President, Legislative & Regulatory Counsel

Encyclopedic knowledge of almost any topic and one of the most articulate and discerning professionals I’ve ever known.

Passionate, dedicated and a remarkable difference-maker.

A source of wisdom and inspiration.

Your hard work, commitment and dedication have shown through this milestone and have made you an integral and impactful part of the fabric of NASCUS.

Grateful for the gift of Brian both professionally and personally.
Cathie Tierney, Community First Credit Union