Proposed Rules, NASCUS Comment Letters and Recent Final Rule Summaries 2017

Date Rule Summary Comment Letter
12/2017 Capital Planning and Supervisory Planning Available Available
11/2017 Final Rule: Part 746 – Appeals Available Available
11/2017 Final Rule: Corporate Credit Unions Available  Available
11/2017 NCUA Supervisory Review Committee: Final Rule: Procedures for Appealing Material Supervisory Determinations Available Available 
10/2017 NCUA Board Action:Closing the TCCUSF & Setting the Normal Operating Level Available NA
10/2017 Accuracy of Advertising and Notice of Insured Status Available Available
09/2017 Request for Comment Regarding NUA Draft 2018-2022 Strategic Plan N/A Available
07/2017  NCUA Regulatory Reform Agenda Request for Comments Available Available
07/2017 Proposed Rule:Requirements for Insurance: NCUSIF Distributions N/A Available
07/2017 Notice, request for comment:Closing the TCCSF and setting Share Ins. Fund Normal Operating Level Available Available
07/2017 NCUA Proposed Revised Overhead Transfer Rate Methodology Available Available
06/2017 NCUA Proposed Appeals Procedures Available Available
06/2017 FHLB Membership for Non-Federally Insured Credit Unions Available Available
05/2017 Nergers of Federally Insured Credit Unions Available Available
03/2017 NCUA Regulatory Review (2017) Available Available
02/2017 Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Alternative Capital Available Available