REGULATING AGENCY: Utah Department of Financial Institutions

Utah State Capitol

  • Darryle Rude, Commissioner
  • Riley Bergstedt, Supervisor of Credit Unions
  • Website: dfi.utah.gov


LEAGUE: Utah Credit Union Association


2023 STATS 
  • Largest SCU: UTAH POWER CU $894.4M in assets
  • Largest FCU: AMERICA FIRST FCU $18.73B in assets
Second Quarter 2023 SCUs FCUs Total CUs % of SCUs/Total
Total Credit Unions 24 32 56 42.86%
Credit Union Members 145,778 3.50M 3.64M 4.00%
Credit Union Assets $2.39B $50.75B $53.14B 4.50%


Pando, a grove of quaking aspens in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest, is one of the world’s largest and oldest living organisms, linked through a shared root system.

Data Breach Notification Law Update: Utah and Pennsylvania

April 14, 2023 — For businesses subject to data breach notification requirements in Utah and Pennsylvania, a series of significant amendments will soon go into effect in both states. Below is a summary of those amendments.

The Governor of Utah signed S.B. 127 into law on March 23, 2023, amending state data breach disclosure requirements and creating a new state “cyber center” tasked with receiving and managing breach disclosures, collaborating with state and federal agencies in the development of cybersecurity incident response measures, and developing a statewide strategic cybersecurity plan by June 2024, along with other duties. The amendments take effect in early May.

A number of significant amendments to Pennsylvania’s data breach law are set to go into effect on May 3, 2023. Notably, an expanded definition of “personal information” will include medical and health insurance information, and a user name or email address in combination with a password or security questions and answers that would permit access to an online account. Read more

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