South Carolina

REGULATING AGENCY: South Carolina Board of Financial Institutions; Office of the Commissioner of Banking

South Carolina State House

  • Rick Green, Commissioner
  • Kathy Bickham, Deputy Commissioner
  • Website:

LEAGUE: Carolinas Credit Union League

STATS: (As of Dec 2020)

  • TOTAL # SCUs: 9
  • TOTAL # FCUs: 46
  • SCU % OF TOTAL (SCUS #/STATE TOTAL #): 16% of 55 SC CUs
  • TOTAL $ SCU ASSETS: $753,00,939
  • TOTAL $ FCU ASSETS: $17,638,218,429
  • TOTAL ASSETS: $18,391,419,368

FUN FACT: The Isle of Palms was originally named Hunting Island and then Long Island, it’s thought to be at least 25,000 years old and was first inhabited by the indigenous Seewee Indians.


League Works to Update NC, SC State Credit Union Acts
April 8, 2021 — In January, the Carolinas Credit Union League helped introduce updates to both the North and South Carolina state credit union acts to improve and modernize the statutes in each state.

In South Carolina, following the successful passage of S. 337 in 2018—which was opposed by the SC banking associations—the League worked with Senate Banking Chairman Ronnie Cromer, House LCI Chairman Bill Sandifer, the SC Board of Financial Institutions, SC Banking Commissioner Rick Green, SC State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, and banking associations to make additional changes to the state charter to improve the business climate for credit unions.

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