REGULATING AGENCY: Oklahoma State Banking Department; Oklahoma State Credit Union Board

Oklahoma State Capitol

LEAGUE: Cornerstone League


2023 STATS 
  • Largest SCU: OKLAHOMA’S CU $787.8M in assets
  • Largest FCU: TINKER FCU $6.02B in assets
Second Quarter 2023 SCUs FCUs Total CUs % of SCUs/Total
Total Credit Unions 11 46 57 19.30%
Credit Union Members 147,412 1.29M 1.44M 10.27%
Credit Union Assets $2.16B $18.71B $20.88B 10.37%


The world’s first installed parking meter was in Oklahoma City, on July 16, 1935. Carl C. Magee, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is generally credited with originating the parking meter. He filed for a patent for a “coin controlled parking meter” on May 13, 1935.

Oklahoma Credit Union Relies on Data To Shape Financial Wellness Tools

Courtesy of Frank Gargano, American Banker

April 14 2023 — When TTCU Federal Credit Union in Tulsa, Oklahoma, began exploring ways to help members manage their credit scores and improve their overall financial health a few years ago, it turned to a fintech for answers.

The credit union deployed its first real-time scoring product in 2019 through a partnership with SavvyMoney, a Dublin, California, financial technology firm that specializes in providing financial institutions with an analytics platform for reviewing member account data and assisting in launching tailored marketing campaigns.

“Credit scores are a vital component of our members’ financial lives. … Providing them the means to track their scores and proactively work towards improving their scores directly contributes to our members’ overall financial health,” said Jeff Baenziger, vice president of digital strategies for the $2.7 billion-asset TTCU. Read more


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