REGULATING AGENCY: Ohio Department of Commerce; Division of Financial Institutions

Ohio State House


LEAGUE: Ohio Credit Union League

STATS: (As of Dec 2020)

  • TOTAL # SCUs: 109
  • TOTAL # FCUs: 134
  • SCU % OF TOTAL (SCUS #/STATE TOTAL #): 45% of 243 OH CUs
  • TOTAL $ SCU ASSETS: $27,483,045,963
  • TOTAL $ FCU ASSETS: $11,096,491,832
  • TOTAL ASSETS: $38,579,537,795

FUN FACT: Ohio native John Glenn was the oldest man to venture into space. Orbiting the earth in 1962, he returned to the space program and traveled back into space at age 77, in Oct. 1998.


Ohio Real Estate and Financial Associations support First-Time Homebuyer Savings Act
The First-Time Homebuyer Savings Act would encourage investment in Ohio’s communities

March 1, 2021 — A coalition of Ohio real estate and financial organizations have joined forces in support of Senate Bill 24, Ohio’s First-Time Homebuyer Savings Act. The legislation, SB 24, introduced by Sen. Theresa Gavarone (R-Bowling Green) and Sen. Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House), would authorize a first-time homebuyer to open a tax-deductible savings account in which a person can deposit money that would be used toward a down payment of a home purchased in Ohio.

The coalition supporting SB 24 includes the Ohio Bankers League, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Land Title Association, Ohio Manufactured Homes Association, Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association, Ohio REALTORS, Ohio REALTIST Association, and the Ohio Credit Union League.

A “first-time homebuyer” is defined as someone who has not purchased or owned a home within the past three years.

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