New Hampshire

REGULATING AGENCY: New Hampshire Banking Department

New Hampshire State House

LEAGUE: Cooperative Credit Union Association

STATS: (As of Dec 2020)

  • TOTAL # SCUs: 9
  • TOTAL # FCUs: 5
  • SCU % OF TOTAL (SCUS #/STATE TOTAL #): 64% of 14 NH CUs
  • TOTAL $ SCU ASSETS: $5,605,882,366
  • TOTAL $ FCU ASSETS: $4,928,331,370
  • TOTAL ASSETS: $10,534,213,736

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Local Businesses and Organizations Step Up to Combat Local Digital Inequity
By Lori Holms, Bellwether Community Credit Union

MARCH 17 2021 — COVID-19 has raised our awareness of many challenges, and digital inequity is one that has surfaced to the top. A group of Manchester organizations stepped up to partner with local financial institutions to help close the technology divide among Manchester’s students of low to middle income families.

Manchester Proud, National Collaborative for Digital Equity and Southern New Hampshire University joined forces to assist those children, their families and schools by establishing Operation Lemonade. After consulting with the Manchester School District on student need for computers for remote learning, the partnership reached out to local financial institutions for much needed help.

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