REGULATING AGENCY: Kansas Department of Credit Unions

Kansas Statehouse


LEAGUE: Cornerstone League


2023 STATS 
  • Largest SCU: COMMUNITYAMERICA $4.66B in assets
  • Largest FCU: MERITRUST FCU $1.85 in assets
Second Quarter 2023 SCUs FCUs Total CUs % of SCUs/Total
Total Credit Unions 50 19 69 72.46%
Credit Union Members 878,116 283,949 1.16M 75.57%
Credit Union Assets $11.88B $3.83B  $15.71B 75.60%


Kansas inventors include created the dial telephone in 1889, the helicopter in 1909, and the frozen carbonated drink machine in 1961. Helium was discovered at the University of Kansas in 1905.

No driver’s license? Kansas City will issue its own photo IDs to help residents get services

July 14, 2023 -The Fountain Card will let people who have trouble getting state and federal identification access water services, library cards, prescription drug discounts and other programs. Residents will just need to show proof of their identity and residency.
Kansas City residents can now obtain a Fountain Card, a municipal ID that will open the doors to certain city services that usually require traditional forms of identification like a driver’s license or state ID.

The Kansas City Council voted Thursday 10-1 to implement the program. Councilwoman Heather Hall was the only no vote.

The ID would be free for all ages and administered by the Kansas City Health Department. Like a U.S. passport, the Fountain Card will be valid for 10 years for adults and five years for minors. Cardholders can use it to access water services, prescription drug discounts, community centers and library cards. It can also be used to open a bank account at WeDevelopment Credit Union in Kansas City. Read more

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