NASCUS Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee

Committee Mission:
The Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee is a standing committee that works to advance legislative and regulatory solutions that preserve a viable and attractive state credit union system. The committee, comprised of regulators, credit unions, and leagues, develops NASCUS’ comment letters, recommends NASCUS policy positions, and guides NASCUS legislative activity. The Committee may form smaller working groups, as needed, to examine specific questions. The Committee may also host special subject matter events on emerging issues.

2021 Committee Members

Regulator Members
Amy Hunter (WA)
Andy Forth (ID)
Carl Gustafson (VA)
Corey Krebs (ND)
Dawn McCaskill (GA)
Denice Schultheiss (MI); Committee Chair
Francisco Menchaca (IL)
Gail Bright (KS)
Greg McClellan (AL)
Hailey Nolan (KY)
James Tunca (ID)
Janet Powell (OR)
Jessica Chacon (WA)
Jim Barrett (MA)
John Kolhoff (TX)
Joni Kimbrell (CA)
Katie Averill (IA)
Ken Bonnot (MO)
Lloyd Moore (AL)
Marcia Lewis (MN); untill 12/31/21
Mark Valente (CO)
Mary Ellen O’Neill (CT)
Mathew Robinson (GA)
Matthew Adkison (TN)
Matthew Saunig (CT)
Pamela Keane (GA)
Rick Christianson (MT)
Rick Sherrick (ID)
Riley Bergstedt (UT)
Rob Rutkowski (OH)
Robin Hall (VA)
Sarah Stevenson (MI)
Stacey Cameron (PA)
Tammie Nuber (WA)
Todd Willoughby (MO)

Credit Union Members
Alison Phelan (BECU, WA)
Amy Nelson (Point West CU, OR)
Bill Buchanan (Delta Community, GA)
Bill Lynch (BECU, WA)
Brian Holst (Elevations, CO)
Karla Hodgkins (CoVantage CU, WI)
Chris Myklebust (Canvas, CO)
Christina Mihalik (Crossstate CUA. PA/NJ)
Cindy Connelly (GA United, GA)
Emily Troncoso (Navy Federal, VA)
Jeanne Couchois (Carolinas CU League)
Jeremiah Kossen (Town & Country, ND)
Jim Phelps (Cornerstone League)
Joe Bergeron (Association of VT CUs)
John Holt (Nutmeg CU, CT)
John Ruby (Bellco CU, CO)
John Trull (NWCUA)
Kelly Botti (TruMark Financial CU, PA)
Kerriann Mills (Baxter CU, IL)
Lynn Ciani (Numerica CU, WA)
Matt Brockelman (VyStar CU, FL)
Meredith Ritchie (Alliant CU, IL)
Michael Calcote (Elevations, CO)
Mike Ryan (BECU, WA)
Nick Drader (BECU, WA)
Nicola Foggie (Crossstate CUA PA/NJ)
Sara Trexler (SECU, NC)
Shawn Gerling (First Community, OR)
Veronica Ervin (OnPoint Community, OR)
Wendy Beth Oliver (OnPoint Comm, OR)
Beth Merlo (DCUC)
David Pace (LSCU)

To Be Confirmed
Amy Woody (Mountain CU)
Teresa Campbell (SDCCU)
Bruce Adams (CULCT)

Rose Conner (NC); NASCUS Chair
Mike Williams (CO); CU Advisory Council Chair
Lucy Ito; NASCUS President/CEO

Staff Liaisons:
Brian Knight, NASCUS Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Nichole Seabron, NASCUS Vice President and Legislative, and Regulatory Counsel
Pamela Jordan, Special Projects Manager and Executive Assistant to the CEO