Podcast: Open Banking and the Benefits of Interoperability

Just months after many of the mandates in the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) have gone into effect, interoperability and data portability are fresh on the policy world’s mind. But what does the history of interoperability suggest about its ability to help the Internet regain its former openness?

Alan Rozenshtein, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota and Senior Editor at Lawfare, spoke with Alexander Rigby, a law clerk on Delaware Court of Chancery, and Chinmayi Sharma, Associate Professor at Fordham Law School. They’ve just published a new white paper in Lawfare‘s ongoing Digital Social Contract paper series arguing that open banking is a useful case study in the promise and pitfalls of interoperability.

Lawfare Daily PODCAST: Open Banking and the Benefits of Interoperability with Alexander Rigby and Chinmayi Sharma