REGULATING AGENCY: Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development; Division of Banking and Securities

Alaska State Capitol

LEAGUE: Alaska Credit Union League

STATS: (As of Dec 2020)

  • TOTAL # SCUs: 1
  • TOTAL # FCUs: 9
  • SCU % OF TOTAL (SCUS #/STATE TOTAL #): 10% of 10 AK CUs
  • TOTAL $ SCU ASSETS: $1,293,913,722
  • TOTAL $ FCU ASSETS: $11,330,142,835
  • TOTAL ASSETS: $12,624,056,557

FUN FACT: 17 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States are located in Alaska.

RECENT NEWS: OP-ED from League President Dan McCue,  Dodd-Frank rollback poised to remove handcuffs from small lenders
Credit unions and other small community financial institutions keep the U.S. economy humming. More than 110 million Americans are members of credit unions and over 465,000 Alaskans are credit union members. Community banks employ three-quarters of a million people and originate nearly half of all loans made to small businesses. Click on the title to read the full release.

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