NASCUS Expresses Appreciation for Credit Unions’ Continued Support of Examiner Education

A special message from Mary Martha Fortney, President and CEO,
May 2011

Through the generosity of NASCUS Credit Union Advisory Council members, the National Institute of State Credit Union Examination (NISCUE) has been funding training programs designed specifically for state credit union examiners for more than 35 years.    

NISCUE sponsors training for state examiners to foster the NASCUS mission of advocating for a safe and sound credit union system. NASCUS Credit Union Advisory Council members who support NISCUE know that a well-trained credit union examination force is essential to a strong and vibrant state credit union system. States need a reliable source of cost efficient, quality training. They also need training that is not provided elsewhere that meets state needs and addresses state differences.  

So far in 2011, NISCUE has funded training on a variety of issues such as asset liability management, loan modifications, troubled debt restructuring and consumer compliance.  As the focus on consumer compliance is expanded when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) begins its work, NISCUE will provide more consumer compliance training for state examiners in addition to our other offerings.

In addition, at the request NISCUE donors, the NISCUE Board of Trustees has for the first time this year made funds available to bring state regulators who would otherwise be unable to attend to the NASCUS State System Summit (September 14-16, 2011, Chicago, Illinois.) 

The NASCUS State System Summit is the only event that brings together the entire state system for dialogue and education on the most pressing issues facing the system. The Trustees are pleased to be able to offer these scholarships to state regulators and examiners.  For more information, or an application, contact Jenny Champagne at

Let me close this message by offering a heartfelt thank you to all of those NASCUS Advisory Council members who have donated to NISCUE this year. We all know credit union resources across the country have been stretched to the limit recently and you have been incredibly generous in spite of that. Your generosity speaks volumes about your commitment to a strong and educated state credit union regulatory force.  To see a list of this year’s donors, click here.