Your Involvement in NASCUS Makes the State System Stronger

A special message from Mary Martha Fortney, President and CEO,
August 2011

In 1965, a group of forward thinking state regulators gathered together and embraced the idea of an open forum between the regulators and the regulated to promote safety, soundness and innovation in the state credit union system. This informal group turned into what NASCUS is today, which couldn’t have been done without the work of our committed volunteers, our members and an energetic management team who all believe so strongly in what we do.

NASCUS is the only organization focused on strengthening state credit union supervision and preserving dual chartering. NASCUS’ progress is due to the efforts of individuals who serve on the NASCUS Board, Credit Union Executive Council and Committees and by the active participation of our members.

There is no better time than now to become more involved in NASCUS. We continue to be challenged by an unpredictable economy, compliance challenges and continued developments from Congress and the regulatory system. We encourage your involvement to have a say in how the state credit union system is affected by the changing nature of credit unions and the financial system, and to have a say in solving the system’s problems. 

There are many ways to become involved, starting with the NASCUS Board of Directors, a team of nine dedicated volunteers who set the direction and goals of the organization. The NASCUS Credit Union Executive Council serves in an advisory capacity and consists of 12 dedicated individuals.

There are other ways to be involved in NASCUS outside of the Board or Executive Council. NASCUS regulators can serve on the standing committees (Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, Education and Performance Standards) and on a number of working groups and task forces. Credit Union Advisory Council members can serve on the standing committees as well. Further, NASCUS holds quarterly conference calls with our regulator and Credit Union Advisory Council members.  We encourage you to participate in those events.

In addition, attendance at the NASCUS State System Summit, Sept. 14-16, 2011 in Chicago, is the cornerstone of your NASCUS membership. In this economic environment, we must come together to address the critical issues of the day and develop solutions to ensure state credit unions’ longevity.

At the Summit, NASCUS members will have the unique opportunity to interact with their regulator and credit union peers, discussing issues of concern to the state system. Follow this link for more information.  

Again, I can’t emphasize enough how important member participation is to the success and growth of NASCUS. Thank you for helping us strengthen the state system and preserve dual chartering for credit unions.