Thank You for Supporting NASCUS, State System Needs Your Voice

A special message from Mary Martha Fortney, President and CEO,
March 16, 2010

State-chartered credit unions celebrated their 100 anniversary last year representing a long legacy of service to members and the value of state-chartered institutions to our local communities and state economies. For nearly 45 years, NASCUS has represented the state system’s interests before Congress, federal agencies and the credit union system as well as defended against federal preemption of state authority.

Given the Congressional, regulatory and economic landscape, there is no better time to support NASCUS and our efforts to promote the state credit union system. We are grateful for the continued support of our state regulatory agencies and the loyal following of our credit union members.

In 1965, a group of forward thinking state regulators gathered together and embraced the idea of an open forum between the regulators and the regulated to promote safety, soundness and innovation in the state credit union system. This interaction and collaboration have never been more important than they are today as the complicated economic and regulatory environment continues to challenge regulators and credit unions.

We encourage your continued involvement to have a say in how the state credit union system is affected by the changing nature of credit unions and the financial system, and to have a say in helping to solve the system’s problems. 

Your credit union’s membership in NASCUS adds to our collective voice for the state credit union system. Outside of membership, there are other ways to be involved on the leadership and Committee levels. See our Committees at this link.

In addition, attendance at the NASCUS State System Summit, September 30-October 2 in San Antonio, Texas, is the cornerstone of your NASCUS membership. In this economic environment, we must come together to address the critical issues of the day and develop solutions to ensure state credit unions’ longevity.

At the Summit, NASCUS members will have the unique opportunity to interact with their regulator and credit union peers, discussing issues of concern to the state system. Follow this link for more information

Again, I can’t emphasize enough how important member participation is to the success and growth of NASCUS. Thank you for helping us strengthen the state credit union system.