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NASCUS Issues Two Comment Letter to NCUA on PCA Relief and ONES Supervision

Over the past week, NASCUS has issued two comment letters to the NCUA regarding the following issues:

  1. NCUA’s Interim Final Rule (IFR) on PCA relief. This rule, enacted in February, is NCUA’s 2nd extension (3rd time passing) a rule to provide flexibility to adequately capitalized credit unions whose net worth declined strictly as a result of the pandemic stimulus.
  2. NCUA’s proposal to raise the threshold for ONES supervision from $10 billion in assets to $15 billion in assets. Under the proposal, all of the existing capital planning and stress testing rules would still apply to credit unions starting at $10 billion in assets, however, supervision of credit unions between $10 billion and $15 billion in assets would remain with their NCUA Regional office (and state regulator.
    • NASCUS supports the proposed change. We also recommend NCUA consider extending the exam cycle for $1 billion asset credit unions from 8-12 months to 12-18 based on the same underlying assumptions of risk profile motivating NCUA to recommend changes to the ONES program. Read the full comment letter here.