Our Staff

Lucy Ito
President and Chief Executive Officer

“At NASCUS, we are committed to strengthening and protecting the state credit union system through advocacy, education and outreach.”


Brian Knight, Esq. 

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

“NASCUS’ engagement with NCUA and the federal banking agencies is critical to ensuring the state credit union system has a voice at the table.”


Alicia Valencia Erb
Vice President, Member Relations

“NASCUS’ member network of state regulators and the industry allows us to offer a unique membership experience and exclusive opportunities that don’t happen anywhere else. Members get access to key, critical regulatory and legislative dialogue that is unmatched.”


Liz Evans

Vice President of State Programs & Supervisory Policy

“As a former state official, I have firsthand knowledge of the value NASCUS brings to the states.”


Doug McGuckin

Vice President, Corporate Affairs

“Our unique joint leadership team – the Regulator Board and Credit Union Advisory Council – helps NASCUS develop strategies and policies that enhance all aspects of the state credit union system.”


Shellee Mitchell
Program Specialist

“Our work has profound impact on not only state chartered credit unions, but all credit unions.”


Shelton Roulhac
Vice President, Communications

“At NASCUS, we understand that a stronger state credit union system strengthens all credit unions — both state and federal.”


Nichole Seabron

Vice President, Legislative and Regulatory Counsel

“We work to ensure federal banking legislation includes provisions that respects state authority.”


Isaida Woo, Ed.D

Vice President, Education

“Our education and conferences provide participants with the latest developments in the industry.”