NASCUS Credit Union Membership

Standing Committees

NASCUS Credit Union members serve in an advisory capacity on some of NASCUS' Standing Committees. The Performance Standards Committee and Task Forces are regulators only. To view regulator members of NASCUS Committees, click here.

NASCUS Audit Committee

Committee Mission:
The Audit Committee mission is to perform oversight review of all NASCUS financial activity.

Credit Union Members:
Steve Kenny, Columbia CU, WA (2014)

NASCUS Education Committee

Committee Mission:
The Education Committee is a standing committee responsible for designing, promoting and providing educational programs and training for employees of NASCUS members. The Committee also oversees the preparation and coordination for the NASCUS State System Summit. The Committee monitors results and submits educational and training recommendations to the Board for consideration.

Credit Union Members:
Jeff Dahlstrom, Southeast Financial CU, TN, Vice Chairman
Patty Idol, Mountain CU, NC
Linda Williams, Akron Firefighters CU, OH,
Vance Vargo, Family First CU, MI
Jeff Dahlstrom, Southeast Financial CU, TN
Helen Edwards, Norristown Bell CU, PA
John Lattanzi, Credit Union One Inc, OH

NASCUS Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee

Committee Mission:
The Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee is a standing committee that works to advance legislative and regulatory issues that preserve the viability of the dual chartering system. The committee strengthens state credit union regulatory agencies by communicating and working cooperatively, whenever practicable, with the credit union community and federal and state legislative and governmental bodies.

Credit Union Members:
Linda Childs, Knoxville Postal CU, TN, Vice Chairman
Mark Willer, Royal CU, WI
Jason Boesch, Oklahoma RE&T Employees CU, OK
Charles Bruen, First Entertainment, CA
Parker Cann, BECU, WA
Beth Dooley, Educational Employees CU, CA
Phil Jones, Harborstone CU, WA
Steve Kenny, Columbia CU, WA
Paul Marsh, Teachers Credit Union , IN
Loren Rush, Universal 1 CU, OH
Daryl Sawyer, Greater Cincinnati CU, Inc, OH
Jennifer Schilling, Empower CU, WI
John Trull, Northwest CU Assn.
Terry West, Vystar CU, FL