Created by NASCUS to recognize individuals, programs or organizations whose contributions have benefited the state credit union system in a significant way, the Pierre Jay Award honors those who have demonstrated outstanding service, leadership and commitment to NASCUS and the state system.

About the award

First presented in 1997, the Pierre Jay Award honors the first Commissioner of Banks in Massachusetts, Pierre Jay. He learned of the cooperative credit union movement in Milan, Italy and quickly embraced the concept. Working with philanthropist and credit union pioneer Edward Filene of Boston, and despite objections from the banking industry, Jay went on to champion credit union development in the United States. Through Jay's perseverance and service, he profoundly shaped credit union history.

Winners over the past 20 years include: Winners


Who is eligible to win

Nominations for the 2017 Pierre Jay Award are now open. Anyone, program or organization who or that has made a significant contribution to the state credit union system over the last year (or years) is eligible to be nominated and win the award.

    • Does not necessarily have to be affiliated with NASCUS;

    • Includes any individual, group or program (as well as federal/state lawmakers, federal/state regulators or others);

    • Includes volunteers, staff members, chief staff executives, etc.

Criteria for winning

  • Winner must show (with examples) contributions that have benefited the state credit union system significantly in the past 1-5 years (or more)

  • In making those contributions, winner must demonstrate service, leadership and commitment – giving examples of each – to the state system and/or NASCUS.

  • Other factors relevant to service, commitment and leadership to the state system.

Who may nominate

Nominations may be made only by NASCUS-member/associate member individuals/organizations

How to nominate

Fill out the form and submit no later than July 28, 2017


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